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How will your massage be done?

Before the massage:

As soon as you sit comfortably, brief explanation of the principle of Shiatsu and Thai massage, and answers to your questions.
Tell me a little about yourself, so that I can adapt the massage. Contraindications are rare but exist, so stay alert.
You want a relaxing massage?
Or preparing for a therapeutic path?
Everything is possible, you decide.
For your comfort, remember to take enough loose pants for good freedom of movement.
Take off your shoes, and you're ready for the next step ...

During the massage:

There you have nothing to do but relax, let yourself go to these pleasant sensations.
A classic global massage is as follows:
Feet (plantar reflexology), legs (muscular work), back (unblocking tensions), arms and hands (meridian of the heart) and finally, the head (very relaxing).
belly massage (center of emotions) and different meridians like the kidney (self-confidence) on request.

After the massage

Take your time to return to the planet earth. A cup of tea for a little debriefing. Do you have something to say ? This is the moment, the word is free.

How to choose your massage?

A relaxing massage?
No problem, no customer dissatisfied to date ...
A stimulating massage?
It's possible, but no miracles, your body will take the benefits it needs, never the other way around.
Towards a therapeutic way?
I am neither a doctor, nor a healer, nor a magician.
But I can help you live better in your body, because being in your body is good in your head.