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Benoit Pilate

Benoit Pilate, massotherapist at la Maison du Massage

I discovered massage more than 10 years ago, but my learning and my evolution continues unabated, because I am always in quest of knowledge to develop my technique.

I am Belgian and I am 42 years old. My professional life is 50% massage and 50% chemistry (in a pharmaceutical company).

In 2005 I get knocked down by a car, no good luck. But this accident puts me in search of something else, self-knowledge, presence in the present moment, opening of the heart, ... here are some objects that I put in my way.

I learned Thai massage with Alain Daligault in Belgium and it's in Thailand, with Pichest Boonthumme , which I perfected Pichest is a reference in Thailand. And I joined him five times to learn from him.

Shiatsu is with Sensei Yuchi Kawada that I trained over four years. And today still in perfecting with Simeon Moutaftchieff.

I practiced Vipassana meditation a lot in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism in Belgium ( Dhammagroup , in Thailand ( Doï Suthep ) and in Burma ( Panditarama ). The longest silent retreat I did lasted 50 days.

Benoit Pilate, Massotherapist Thai and Shiatsu at Brussels

My trainings:


Complete training of Traditional Thai Massage with Alain Daligaut in Brussels. (2006-2007)

Thai massage and Thai massage on chair at ITM Shool in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (JUNE 2007)

Shiatsu with Elisa Carpiaux (2007)

Over 400 hours with one of Thailand's greatest massage masters, Pichest Boonthumme, in Chiang Mai. (Sep-Oct2009, Jul-Aug2010, Jul2012, Sep2015)

Thai oil massage at Namo School in Chiang Mai. (Aout2010)

Muscular Chains with Michel Frères. (Nov2011)

Complete Shiatsu training in 4 years with Seisei Yuichi Kawada. (2007-2011)

Tok-Sen training with Master Sompong in Chiang Mai. (Sep2015).

Shiatsu meridians with Simeon Moutaftchieff. (2019 -...)


Meditation at Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand (August 2009)

Ten intensive meditation retreats from 7 to 23 days with Dhammagroup in Rivière (2010-2017)

An intensive 50-day Vipassana meditation retreat at the Panditarama Center in Yangoon, Burma. (July aout2012).

Energy and Psychotherapy

Reiki with Christianne Beele (Nov 2010)

Formation in Family Constellation with Michaël Katzeff. (2012-2013)

Craniosacral method, CST1, CST2 and SER1 at the Upledger Institute (2013)

Body-mirror training, Martin Brofman's healing method (nov2013, may2014 and apr2015)

Basic training in Brief Psychotherapy at IGB. (Sep2013-June 2014)

Seminars of "symbolic of the human body" with Luc Bigé. (2014-2015)

Training in Somato-Psychic Coherence (CSP) with Fabrice Charles. (Sep2014-June2015, June2019)

Training in the release of felt by Dr. Jean Lerminiaux. (Sep2015-juin2017).

Rebirth with Alain Roux. (feb2015, june2015 and nov2018)

Family Constellation Seminar with Bert Hellinger. (Mars2016)

Karmic Family Constellation Seminars with Ramoda (March2017, Apr2018 and May2019) and Hélène Huberty. (March 2015)

Shamanism with Gilles Wurtz. (Jul2017, Oct2018, Feb2019, Oct2019)


Two years of training at the Théâtre corporel at the Lassaad International Theater School in Brussels. (2008-2010)

Clown with Jango Edwards and Carina Bonan. (Sep 2011, 2012-2014)

Improvisation team Lion, Pithon then Shark at "". (2012-2017)